Commercial Stair and Railing Solutions

Blending Functionality with Elegance for Modern Living

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Enhancing Spaces with Premium Staircase and Railing Solutions

Maximize Safety and Aesthetic Appeal

We excel in designing staircases and railings for commercial projects, blending quality craftsmanship with timely, budget-conscious execution. Our dedicated management ensures each project is seamlessly realized, aligning perfectly with your architectural vision.

Don’t wait to replace unstable rusty metal stairs. Avoid injury and costly lawsuits by ordering durable galvanized steel stairs and beautiful powder coated rails today.

Overcoming Obstacles with Superior Stair Solutions

Avoid the Struggle of

At Casco and Sons, we specialize in providing customized, durable, and aesthetically pleasing stair solutions that address these challenges effectively.

Apartment Complex Stairs and Walkways

Elevating Property Safety and Aesthetics

Winter upkeep for numerous rental properties often involves liberal application of salt on metal stairs, as well as on walkways and catwalks of upper apartment complexes. This practice significantly affects the stairs, especially those with only a thin layer of paint for protection. Unprotected surfaces succumb to moisture, leading to rust that corrodes joints and supports from within, leaving stairways not only unsightly but also hazardous.

Casco and Sons boasts a team proficient in conducting precise field measurements, creating detailed fabrication drawings, and delivering high-quality welded products, alongside comprehensive problem-solving from inception to completion. Facility managers from apartment complexes, condo associations, co-ops, and various rental properties frequently engage our services for the replacement of stairs, railings, and walkways, ensuring safety and aesthetic appeal.





Broken, Rusted Apartment Stairs and Treads

Streamlining Stairways Safety and Integrity with Advanced Solutions

Replace worn-out stair treads with quality reinforced metal, pre-cast concrete, and composite wood products.

Our team is skilled at assessing a job and helping you determine the most cost-effective yet durable solution. We replace treads on apartment stairs, for example, when most of the stringers and other components are in relatively good condition.

Whether you need to match an existing walkway or replace the entire staircase, we can help you with your rental property needs. Avoid the lawsuits and liabilities that unstable and unsafe stair treads can produce. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Securing Your Peace of Mind with Expertise You Can Trust


Trust Casco & Sons for all your metal fabrication and welding needs. With over 20 years of experience and a reputation for reliability, we deliver high-quality results every time.


Don't settle for subpar workmanship. Choose Casco & Sons for superior craftsmanship.


Our team of skilled professionals has the expertise to handle any project.


We guarantee your satisfaction with our top-notch metal fabrication and welding services.

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