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We’ve learned that safety starts with good communication, and everyone is better off being more prepared than less. For industrial projects, that principle becomes even more critical, and that’s why we practice communicated across channels to achieve safe outcomes.


Nothing is worse than depending on a fix that didn’t quite repair to the level needed. We incorporate quality into each project, especially on critical connections that might hold thousands of pounds of pressure.


Sometimes the timing of the project is top priority with manufacturing, and we work to accommodate late nights and weekends as needed to keep production rolling.

Detroit Chemical

This project entailed the removal of a large smokestack from an industrial plant in Detroit. We enjoyed the challenge of this structural demolition project and the ability of our team to work together with the plant managers in this tricky task.

We ran the structural demolition operation from crane to cutting. We were able to adapt to their schedule to keep production running on schedule. We also adhered to the strict, on-site safety procedures including complete personal protective equipment, fire protection, and signing each worker in and out.

In addition to the smokestack demolition, we also installed safety-yellow guardrail on the roof of a building, and built a steel canopy for loaded trucks.

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