DEA-Approved Storage Cage

Casco and Sons offers the fabrication and installation of customized modular cages. We have extensive, hands-on experience working across the country. Projects that require DEA narcotics cages, EPA waste cages, and electrical panel cages use our products. Our high-quality cages are built to DEA standards and are both tough and tamper-proof.

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Our DEA-Compliant Storage Cages Include:

  • Flush-mounted floor panels
  • Self-closing door hinges
  • Heavy-duty woven wire mesh with max. 1-1/2″ square openings
  • Vertical metal supports installed every 48″ or less apart
  • Horizontal reinforcing bars at 48″ above the floor
  • Heavy-duty square steel posts with welded baseplates
  • Inaccessible, welded, or tamper-proof fasteners
  • Long-distance spans 40′ or longer for ceiling panels
DEA-Approved Storage Cage

Fully-Welded Metal DEA Cages

Come with accurate submittals and quick turnaround times to keep projects on track.

DEA-Approved Steel Cages come custom-built to fit architectural anomalies like clipped corners and low ceiling clearance. We also accommodate customer specifications like specialty door hardware, sheet-metal return chutes and openings, stainless steel pill-box drop off box, and driver pass-through window framing.

Our fabricator-installer teams pay attention to details and account for pass-through openings, existing obstacles, working on finished floor surfaces, welding nuts and bolt heads, and touching up any DEA-approved metal cages that require onsite modification.

Our Self-Performing Team of Welders and Installers

Are experts in fabricating our DEA-approved metal cage design. They know exactly how it was built and how it goes together, which eliminates most issues in the field. If a problem does arise, or the build plans submitted for the cage are not accurate to site conditions, our team arrives prepared to solve many issues while maintaining the installation timeline and DEA-compliance.

Because our team is cross-trained in both shop fabrication and field installation, we keep your project moving with turn-key installation. Our typical installs take less than three days onsite, even when there are multiple DEA-compliant storage cage per project!

We’ve completed DEA drug storage in Detroit, Michigan, EPA waste cage in Raleigh, North Carolina, welded mesh DEA cage in Columbus, Ohio, DEA-approved storage in Cambridge, Maryland, EPA metal cage in Chicago, Illinois, DEA metal storage in Georgia, a drug cage in Texas, DEA-compliant waste drug storage in Indianapolis, Indiana, and more.

Our self-performing team of welders and installers dea-approved-storage-cage

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