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Steel Decks and Stairs

Maximize your outdoor space by adding a steel-framed deck or terrace and stairs. Complement a brick home with a brick-covered deck, and complete the space with a beautiful curved steel stairway or spiral staircase.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the details are done well. High strength steel will support the loads with minimal thickness to keep ceilings high as possible. Galvanized steel decking keeps things contained and rust-free. Your concrete finish and masonry will be less prone to cracking with quality footings to keep things from shifting.

Choose galvanized steel to weather the moisture and keep your deck, stairs, and railing rust-free. Brick cladding is porous and is not enough to protect steel columns. Primed, painted, or powder coated raw steel surfaces work well until the first scratch. Galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum all protect your investment for years to come.

Interior Stairs and Railing

Create a focal point and functional art with an indoor staircase with quality metal railing.

Maximize indoor space with the smaller footprint a steel staircase can provide. Spiral stairs can occupy less than a 5′-0″ diameter footprint and still meet code requirements. You can also eliminate bulky wood framing when using high strength steel stair stringers.

Enjoy clear lines of sight with minimal steel stair profiles and airy metal railing. Whether you home incorporates traditional or contemporary furnishings, metal railing takes up less visual space in the room.

Accent with choices of wood top rail cap and substantial wood treads. Choose from 2″ thick wood treads up to 4″ thick wood treads in a variety of species, from solid to built.

Meet code with sturdy horizontal railing with limited flex, and review detailed shop drawings prior to fabrication to ensure satisfaction.

Complement home furnishings with just the right finish. Use a sophisticated brushed stainless steel rail or a vintage oil-rubbed bronze railing to make a new project feel seamless and right at home. Go for a neutral black metal powdercoat that anchors the piece. Or choose a muted frost-grey powder coated railing that mimics the look of stainless steel.

A steel staircase and railing made to last is a legacy reflected in positive home values and quality metal treatments that stay current.

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