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Got rust? We make repairs and replacements simple – whether you have busted columns, rusted railings, or a compromised stair system. With total project management of your metalwork, we self-perform drawings, permits, fabrication, and coating. We offer local and out-of-state installation or pick it up and install with your team.

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What We Do


Carports, walkways, and commercial steel stringers all need structural supports. Oftentimes, these steel columns face inclement weather and exposure to corrosive salt. We are prepared to both repair and replace as needed. Avoiding costly collapses and closures helps you keep business as usual.


Apartment stairs and railing, exit stairs, and metal fire escape stairs can all face the decline of age simply from exposure to resting snow, beating rain, and salty boots. Invest in a galvanized replacement today, or employ a temporary repair for your metal stairs and rails.


Along with columns, mezzanine stairs, and railing, catwalks and walkways face the same decline through water infiltration. Bowing and cracking walkways point to a deeper problem. These often represent a safety issue you may need to address sooner rather than later.

Metal Railing and Stairs

Complete with precast concrete treads, new metal guardrail and handrails up to code, this project took some of the pressure off of management to maintain safe walkways and accessible apartments. We completed the commercial steel stairs and railing with new metal pipe, galvanizing, and powder coating. This was just one of several buildings that required commercial steel stringers and railing replaced.

Commercial Steel Stringers

This project took phases to complete. Phase one involved replacing the concrete and drawing up the plans for a new commercial staircase and walkway. Once we completed the sitework and approvals came through, we tackled phase 2.  This phase involved building the new stairs and railing prior to removal and demolition of all the old metal stairways. Once the new ones came out of the powder coater, we used a small window of time to rip out the existing work and install the new for the least disruption to the upper apartment residents.

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